Automate code reviews on your commits and pull requests

Check your code quality and keep track of your technical debt for more than 30 programming languages. Seamlessly Integrated within your development workflow.

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More than 30 supported languages

Save up to 60% in code reviews

Maintain your code quality by blocking merges of pull requests based on your personal quality rules.

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Seamlessly integrated
into your workflow

Codacy is flexible and adapts to your code review process. Push results as comments in your pull requests or as notifications on Slack.

  1. Add your git repository
  2. Codacy automatically detects issues
  3. Get notified and take action
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Connect your GitHub or Bitbucket repository to automatically analyze every commit and pull request. Turn on notifications where you and your team need them: Slack or automatic comments in your provider.

Get visibility
into your code quality

Get visibility into the actual health of your projects and track its quality evolution over time. Save time and make informed decisions.

  • What is the state of your project's code quality?
  • How much technical debt does your project have?
  • Which are the most problematic areas of your code?
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Hosting options

In the cloud or behind your firewall



Set up your git repository with just two clicks and start speeding up your workflow.

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A self-hosted solution, packed with first class security on your servers.

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